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When You Need to Know It...

If a level or usage is out of the norm your operation personnel needs to know this in a timely manner allowing them to resolve and reduce the cost of the event. Exceptions on a large physical site, such as excess water consumption compared to the norm, may indicate a leak. Exceptions with utility usage, such as an outside canopy with the lights being on during daylight hours, may indicate a failed photo cell.


Text Message Alerts

When an exception or event is realized, besides logging the item, any number of people can be notified by text message or e-mail. Additionally a M2M call can be made to a workflow or SAP Logistic system to enter a request for service or repair. Retro-Mation assists the customer with generating rules which yield appropriate exception reporting for the best operation of your facility.

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Critical Monitoring

Being able to react to a critical situation in a timely manner can help the business cut unnecessary costs and boosts efficiency. Having access to real-time data allows for easier communication of events and comparison of historical data as it occurs. This type of audit information helps maximize your business’ productivity and improve performance. Identifying trouble spots or low performance early will help boost your company’s profitability.


Early Detection Saves Money

Contact Retro-Mation today for methods to help your cost due to equipment and infrastructure failures.

Do you need information from dispersed locations, or monitoring conditions in hard to watch locations? Do you want to retrieve this information in a main office, third party’s office or on a service personnel’s phone? Contact Retro-Mation today and let us show you how easily this can be done, using cellular-based solutions.

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